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Militant Order of the University

Another part of the university is the militant order, formed by those with arcane talent and also combat training. Its a military organization inside the university, and each academy has its own militant order. Their duty is to represent the university at the armies, protect the academy and mantaining order on its grounds, as well as hunting rogue mages. They have also to provide mages for the army in case of war.


There are three superior ranks that are granted the rank of master of the univeristy:

  • Grand Master: The Grand Master is the leaer of the militant chamber, answering only to the Principal and the Prince. Every other militant of the same academy answers before him and must obey its orders but even the grand master as to obey the doctrines of the militant order and is subject to their purity rituals (Indeed, more than anyone else, as a corrupted Grand Master is really dangerous).
  • Liutenant: Its the right hand of the Grand Master, assuming its functions if its missing.
  • Capitains: The capitains are asigned by the Grand Master as leaders of a company (100 men), because of that, there can be more than one, but as mages are quite rare, no academy has no manpower to deploy more than three.
  • Chaplain: Its a mage who also is a priest of Uz, its duty is to conduct the purity rituals and mantain the discipline.
  • Master Healer: Its the leader of the squads (Around 10 men) of healers, and the responsible of the good health of the warriors of the order.
  • Black Librarian: Along with his aprentices, is the only one that has access to the forbidden library, with information about cults and demons is stored.
  • There are also several other ranks, considered erudites if they have finished some degree at the academia.
  • Forge Mage: Its the leader of the Arcanesmiths, its duty is to make sure the order has all the gear it needs.
  • Arcanesmith: Its a militant whose job is to make and mantain the gear the order uses.
  • Sargeant: Its the leader of a squad of no more than 10 men.
  • Veteran: Its not a proper rank, but a modifier, a lower rank that is not a Forge Master, can earn that distinction by performing remarkable deeds within the duties of the order.
  • Militant: Its the average mage of the militant order, they are organized in squads, tough actually they rare form a conventional units, being scattered where they are needed but coordinated by the same sargeant.
  • Initiate: Its a new member of the order, still noth worthy of being considered a militant. They are aprentices of higher ranks like militant or arcanesmith.
  • The Rituals of Purity

      The rituals of purity are special meditation states that helps external observers to watch the state of the soul, reveling effects of mind control effects, charms, possesions and the like, as well as illusions or shapechanging effects. Those rituals are made to make sure that no member of the order is impersonated of manipulated by someone else. This rituals lower the DC of spotting and identifying such effects on the user by 10. Any member of the order (reglardess of feats, class and skills) know how to perfom such rituals, wich are 2 hours long.
    Military, Other
    Alternative Names
    Militant Chamber, Mage Army
    Parent Organization
    Umbrian University
    Umbria Peninsula
    Related Ethnicities

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