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The merfolk settlements are located on the coasts of the bronze sea, the serpent sea and the sanctuary sea. The white dragons expelled them from the north in the Dragon Age, and the demons of Yatan expelled them from the depths of the sea in the Age of Darkness. They settle in caves where there is air, so they can take refuge outside the water if a dangerous sea monster finds the settlement.   The merfolk establish new dwellings when they find new caves with access to air, they do not venture on the surface because they depend too much on the water to get away like that.  


Because of their dependance on water, the Sirens have houses out of the water, which are simple single-story homes, they hate to maneuver on land and are only temporary shelters or rooms to do work that require staying out of the water like crystal alchemy. Under water they take advantage of natural structures, living in family homes once they are married. To have more space they build vertical, hollow towers, since they do not need soil. Securing objects and beds (which are simple bags) to the walls.  

Form of government

The form of government is theocratic matriarchal, the mermaid priestesses are the military, spiritual and civil leaders. The mermen and mermaids of the same social rank in most aspects in the event that the latter are not priestesses. That is why there are two social classes, the priestesses and the rest. There is a third social class, the mermen bards, these are just below the priestesses and just above the other citizens. The requirement to be a priestess or bard is to develop the powers of the voice.  


In the Merfolk settlements there are mermen and mermaids, as well as marine animals that serve them as pets and guardians, with sharks being favorites.  


Merfolk do not own metals so they do not use coins. They resort to barter, pearls and precious gems.  


Fishing is the main activity, they feed on algae and fish mainly.  

Relations with the outside

The Merfolk do not know much about the mainland, some of them have sighted boats and others have rescued shipwrecked sailors, but never has been official contact. They are friendly and hospitable to foreigners, and often accompany the shipwrecked to the nearest coast. They never take them further than that as it could be a more risky trip than they will do for simple kindness.

Naming Traditions

Family names

The family name is a mix of their two mothers as second name. For example the merfolk named Isien whose mothers are Nayadara and Iris would be called Isien Nayaris.


Major language groups and dialects

Sirenid, but actually each settlement has its own language, but all of them vary so little that after a short period of trial they can understand each other with ease.

Average technological level

Primitive, They have no paper so they do not have any writing or metal, they can replicate the common weapons with crystalline minerals for puncture-cutting and rocky weapons for blunt weapons and have developed crustacean chitin armors.   The more advanced crystalline weapons are produced out of the water by alchemical processes.

Common Dress code

It should be noted that they only wear clothes for practical purposes like armor and other gear.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Time is measured in tides (months), temperatures (Stations) and temperature cycles (year).   The laws of the merfolk are very compassionate, they lack of death sentences and the most severe punhisment is the exile. Crimes such as robbery and blasphemy are punishable by fines.

Common Myths and Legends

The merfolk follow a polytheistic and very matriarchal religion, their clergy is exclusively female and the priestesses have all the civil, military and religious power. The priestesses wear distinctive jewelry that identifies them as such. It transmits values ​​of tolerance, honesty, moderation and humility.   The most important deities are:    Ister, goddess of war, and Aridai, goddess of valor, principal deities.    Sag, goddess of animals    Eresia, goddess of darkness    Nida, goddess of life    Annar, goddess of time    Mesara, goddess of the law    Yatan the destroyer, enemy of the pantheon and god of sea monsters.   It is believed that the mermen and mermaids who have acted according to the principles of faith will end up in the matrix of Nida, while the sinners will pull Eresia's chariot until the end of the days.


Relationship Ideals

The marriage of the merfolk settlements are somewhat peculiar, two females are married with two males, at the same time forming a marriage union of four members. Marriages are an official and religious ceremonies initiated by the females. The four members are recorded an identical tattoo indicating the union.

Encompassed species

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