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Medina Empire

The Medina Empire is one of the first civilization to grow in Eden, in fact, it was created at the Age of Dragons (-1200 of the Age of Myth). Creating such Empire in the Sand Sea Island in such age was not a task achievable by mortal men, was instead merit of the Jin, a race from another plane of existance.


Little is known about how the Empire was ruled, as the only ones who are old enough to remmber, like Suz'Rain didn't cared much about it. According to the ancient dragon, the empire was ruled by the Jin Emperor, who always had an advisor from a mortal race called great visir.


Medina was founded by the first Jin who settled on Eden. When they arrived the Sand Sea Island was not very fertile, but wasn't the desert wasteland is today. They quickly formed a mighty power who even rivaled Dragons.
Fate was cruel with them, though, as the rift that let the Jin came, became five centuries later the entry point for Angra , a powerful demon god. Totally unprepared for such a foe the empire felt and the corrupting influence of Angra turned most of the island in a deathly desert.
Despite the defeat of Angra by Suz'Rain the Sand Sea is still a hellish place to explore. The great visir Ibrahim ibn Abd Al-Karim ibn Najib, according to the legends, said that in the ancient capital city the secret to the revival of the Empire is kept but no one has been able to find the city yet.

Demography and Population

Humans did most of the population,, with Scorpionfolk as a close second. Jin were few, but ruled socierty.

Technological Level

Magic level of the Medina empire was actually great even by current standards. Medinian artifacts are sought and valued. One of them is the Storm Bow, a powerful artifact whose power depends on the worthiness of the user and shoots pure force projectiles.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Old Empire, Jin Legacy
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Its not well know how many coins the empire had, but several gold and silver pieces has been found.
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

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