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Lidas is mostly a city state that rules the entire island it inhabits with few minor towns of no importance.


The city is ruled by the governor, the richest merchant, chosen every 5 years by the Trade Federation. A seat on the Federation can only be buyed and having one bears huge taxes, assuring that the Federation is always on the hands of the rich. Those whose go bankrupt are quickly thrown of the federation as soon as they lose the status that a member is supposed to have.


They are they key in the comerce on all the Sea Serpent and with the Moon Empire.   Also they have a lot of slave hand.

Demography and Population

About 90% of lidians are humans, with a 10% minority of elves.

Geopolitical, City-state
Lidas Island
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

Trade agreements

Despite the fact that the Republics envy the privileged position of Lidas in the oriental trade they know that trading with them is not optional.

Trade Partners

Lidas is not afraid of Umbria growth as a naval power, so it considers Umbria a nice trade partner. Umbria knows that Lidas its the gate to oriental trade, so it keeps a good relationship with it.

Alfra attacks Lidas ships on sight

Alfra despises Lidas too much to tolerate the presence of a ship of theirs.

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