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Land of Tears

The system of government is a copy of the feudal system of Aquisgran, but instead of being elective the Grand Prince, Lord of the Country of Tears, is the leader of the Clan of the Bear. The dukes are the leaders of the heads of the zoanthropic families, who act as nobility. The law prevents a non-zoanthrope from inheriting the leadership of a clan and at the same time the zoanthropic families adopt members of their kind who are outside their family. The law says that a clan member, with transformation other than the corresponding one, goes to the corresponding family.   The Land of Tears are divided in eight provinces or duchies, acording to the family that rules it:
  • Land of the Bear
  • Land of the Cat
  • Land of the Wolf
  • Land of the Stag
  • Land of the Snake
  • Land of the Spider
  • Land of the Hawk
  • Land of the Insects
  • Demography and Population

    The majority, 90% of the population are humans, 5% of orcs and goblins, 2% of minotaurs and trolls and 3% of werebeasts.
    Geopolitical, Principality
    Alternative Names
    Principality of the North, Land of the Beasts
    Related Ethnicities

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