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The Tribes

Lizardfolk live in independen tribes, although many times, most are under the rule of the same black dragon as another tribe, or serving a demonic patron (usually a cult of Astaroth), being free lizardfolk quite few. The lizardfolk, or Kenge, as they call themselves, live at the Swamp Islands and hunt relatively small giant vermin, preferably centipedes, although large groups or more seasoned hunters decide to hunt spiders or bigger preys. From the vermins they get food but also use their exoskeleton to make weapons and armor.   The various tribes of Lizardfolk are related to each other according to the black dragon that governs them. If both tribes are ruled by the same dragon they will trade between them and they will coexist peacefully, if both tribes are ruled by enemy dragons they will only be related by war and hatred. The tribes that follow dragons hate those that follow demons, and the feeling is mutual.  


Each tribe has its leader, known as Wahku, the best hunter of the tribe. In order to wrest the leadership from the current Wahku the aspirant must hunt in solitary something more dangerous than the more impressive piece that the Wahku hunted alone in his life or else challenge him seven times to a hunting competition and win them all, this last method of challenge its only used against old leaders because its a way to demonstrate that the Wahku is not longer able to lead the tribe. In a hunting competition it doesn't matter the number of pieces but only who hunted the most dangerous creature, so someone who hunted a giant spider would win against someone who hunted one hundred centipedes of the same size.   Another important figure is the Kuha, in the tribes dominated by the black dragons its the intermediary between the dragon and the tribe, an ambassador, as they would say in other cultures. In the free tribes, the minority, are the priests of the old animist religion. The Kuha is the oldest shaman in the village.   An special role is the Kunokana, a tittle given by the dragon to a servant who unusually please it, which means that this lizardman has been conferred absolute authority over the tribe. While the Wahku and the Kuha are positions of the same authority in different areas the Kunokana is superior to both in all areas, to challenge the Kunokana is to challenge the dragon.


Major language groups and dialects


Average technological level

Primitive but the Kenge dominate the craftsmanship of chitin to the point of being able to use it for the same thing that other peoples use steel with roughly the same effectiveness.

Common Dress code

They only wear clothes for armor and ceremony.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When a Kenge dies, its body is offered to the dragon as food because for them there is no greater honor. In the free tribes the corpse is buried in the swamp, so i can return to the earth.

Common Taboos

Chuul meat is not meant to be eaten.


Relationship Ideals

Love and reproduction are separate things, females at first chose a suitable male for reproduction and once its fertilized finds a suitable male for love and pleasure, whose company enjoys, ensuring that at least the first egg is a powerful one.

Encompassed species

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