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Introduction to Nations of Eden

About Eden and the Author

  Eden is an epic fantasy world i made time ago as part of an mental experiment where several civilizations grow from the stone age to the medieval times (Elfs, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs and Goblinoids and Sirenids were the initial civilizations i put in the continent). Concluded the experiment i ended with the following nations: Tenesia, Aquisgran, Undirgard, Ezeltaure, the Moon Empire (Was part of ezeltaure in origin), the merfolk, the Danismaq and the Beni Husein.   Recently I decided to expand the world, it lacked nations for being a proper continent and also i had several small projects who could be added to it, making a bigger setting. The expansion is not only in variety, but also in depth, detaling features that i left open before. I have several sources of inspiration, but real world history is my favorite source. I love to inspire elements of my world by real word stories and traditional legends.  


  One major theme of Eden is variety, it has a lot of races, nations and even within a nation you can percieve diferences and even you can find several languages in the same land. The other main theme is lack of gods, in other settings gods are real and meddle into mortal affairs, in Eden there's religions and cults, but the closest thing to gods are the demons, and they aren't nice. The third theme is world vs the unnatural: the diferent inhabitants of Eden can be gentler or meaner, friends or enemies, but the only beings that have the "always evil" tag are extraplanar or unnatural in nature (or corrupted by those forces).  


  A major theme in all fiction is conflict, and Eden is no diferent. Epic stories are the bones of Nations of Eden metaphorical body: the story about a group of heroes overcoming powerful enemies. The conflict can be divided in several categories.  
Man against god
  In Eden the closes thing to gods are Demon Gods, and they are not nice. You cannot expect a god to save you and likely they are a foe to evercome, the ultimate evil. In a normal game you are not expected to fight such powerful entities, but you can be found fighting their minions. Along Man against man, the base of strife in Eden.  
Man against man
  Diferent nations, diferent factions or even inside the same faction. The story of any civilization is based on warfare over resources or even just different opinions. Despite neither of both sides being an ultimate evil fighting against fellow Eden inhabitants is unnavoidable. Umbria and the Dawn Kingdom are fighting time and time again each other for a peninsula that both consider theirs, Lidas slavery can inspire freedom fighters to fight against the system by force, the Geltaid are raiding constantly the coasts of Aquisgran, and organized crime is a thing at every place. Any of them can be an epic story awaiting to be told.  
Man against nature
  Several lands are devoid of civilization for a reason, you can expect to find in them ferocious beasts that can destroy an entire squad of veteran soldiers with a single strike. If you don't find such beasts, even the enviroment itself can be a dangerous enemy in the form of storms, avalanches and earthquakes or just plain old starvation.  
Man against society
Society can be the hero main enemy, as even the servants of Demon Gods use the work of man against himself, destroying civilization with their own rules. In Eden political intrigue is not out of the question as greedy noblemen and secret cults can endanger everything the players care about and love.


At first I used D&D as a base for creating Eden, but few years ago i decided to switch to Legend. Because of that heavy D&D base, with not much adaptation, it can be played with Pathfinder instead.

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