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Social classes

  The Army governs following a strict military hierarchy and civilians are at the base of the hierarchy. Hobgoblins usually occupy the highest positions for political reasons, bugbears the intermediate because they have managed to break through with physical strength and finally the goblins are the cannon fodder. The goblins can raise from they low positions if they become sucesscul engineers and work for the army providing new models of war marchinery.
Worgs belong to independent units and only respond to their own leaders, to the generals and to the Militant Governor. They are usually skirmishers.  

Law and punishment

  The law of Hyrum is what one might expect from a military regime, executions are common. All the powers are granted to the Militant Governor and he is usually effective, fast and brutal. Such brutality is justified by a discourse against external enemies who try to destroy Hyrum from within and parasites that litter the streets.

Naming Traditions

Family names

The name is composed by the personal name, the father's name with the sufix hur at the end and the mother's name with the nar sufix. For example: Salmansar Olmanhur Iyarinar would be the son of Olman and Iyari whose name is Salmansar


Major language groups and dialects


Common Dress code

Its pretty well known their military uniform consisting on knee high boots and a long dark green coat over ther armor, closen by a broad belt. On the right shoulder they bear the simbol of their batallion, on the left one is the symbol of their rank. High ranking officers wear capes with both insignias.
Worgs wear scarf of diferents colors depending of their rank.

Common Myths and Legends

The Hyrumics worship Dosum, called "The Supreme." The dogmas of their religion are at the service of their idea of militarist government, exalting their leader and their country and reaffirming their supremacy over others. Other religions are banned and punished by death.


Relationship Ideals

Monogamous marriage and chastity expected, interacial marriages are forbidden. There is no divorce and they can get quite intolerant about the uncommon.

Major organizations

Encompassed species
Related Organizations

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