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Hyrum is an autarchic and expansionist country, with his trade with the outside highly restricted, depending entirely on its own production and the spoils of war. For that reason, it has a very bad relatiship with its neighbors and if not for pragmatic reasons it would be in a continuous war against the whole world until no one was left to oppose Hyrum. For practical purposes, it ensures that it does not have too many fronts open at the same time, stirring conflicts between its neighbors.


Hyrum is a very strong and belligerent military regime, governs the Governor Militant, and below it are the generals, to whom the government of the different districts assigns. The military hierarchy is strict and executions under charges of rebellion, sedition or treason are on the agenda.   The power of the Governor Militant is indisputable, although he tries to keep the generals happy to avoid divisions. The successor is normally chosen among the generals, making sure that the next one has proven itself by its own achievements before taking the mantle.

Public Agenda

They want to submit the known world to their rule, as they believe that they won't be safe until they control everything.


Powerful and organized armies with deadly tactics.   A very cunning department of instigators, saboteurs, and spies.   Powerful unmatched war machines.   Great sources of coal, petroleum, and iron.


Hyrum was founded by an exiled tribe from the Ezeltaure Peninsula who established on the coasts of the Serpent Sea even before the founding of the Sanctuary Empire, being its main rival during a long time. The first leader of Hyrum was Iyari, mentioned in the Tale of the three warlords.

Demography and Population

50% are common goblins, 25% worgs, 15% hobgoblins and 10% bugbears.
Military, Other
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Organization Vehicles
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