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Holy Order of Pyromancy

The Holy Order of Pyromancy is an organization controled by the Sazzar Cult that controls the use and learning of the arcane arts. It operates in both the High Empire and the Dawn Kingdom.
Despite being called pyromancers, they teach several other branches of magic but fire magic is considered the gift of Sazzar, so fire magic users hold a lot of power within the organization.
The New Dawn has appeared in the Dawn Kingdom , this faction believes that the Holy Order should be reformed entirely, so it can compete properly with the Umbrian University but given the religious background of the organization such ideas are considered borderline heretical.


The order is directed by its Inner Circle which are expert mages chosen by the emperor itself. Other than that, they separate the order in seven cabals, each tied to an specific branch of magic: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Sand, Alchemy and Healing.
They allways build the halls of the cabals according the sacred harmony principles:
  • Water opposes Sand, so they must remain always at opposite sides.
  • Earth opposes Wind, so like the previous case, they should also confront each other.
  • Fire opposes the forces of darkness, so they must host the Inner Circle and must be placed at the center.
  • Healing and Alchemy compliment the rest, so they must be between Fire and the opposing pairs.

  • Public Agenda

    The Holy Order of Pyromancy was created by the King of Kings and the Sazzar Cult to ensure both the proper use of magic and the conservation of the few knowledge they had of the Medina Empire legacy. Still today they follow such goal, but a lot of people question their efficiency in doing so.

    Ancient blood and new light

    Education, Magic
    Alternative Names
    Mages Guild
    Parent Organization
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