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High Giant Culture

The basis of high giant society is slavery, forcing others to do dirty work while the giants lead a life dedicated to what they want to do.  


Fire giants worship The Three, a pantheon made up of Swain, god of Fire and Volcanoes, Haakon, god of War and Valor and Sigrath, goddess of life and death.


Major language groups and dialects

High Giant

Average technological level

Late medieval, still no firearms but really advanced armors and weapons.

Funerary and Memorial customs

In Athay de dead are burned, in Bryn the dead are raised as undead to serve the state.


Relationship Ideals

Marriage is exclusively between giants, because its the institution that formalizes how property is inherited. Slaves have no right to inherit nor marry.

Major organizations

Bryn and Athay

Encompassed species
Related Organizations
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