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Free Cities of Onternia


Besides the tenesian usual they have a bigger involvement of the townfolk in politics. Artisans and producers in general are organized in guilds that regulate the politics of their sector, including schedule and price.   Each city has a government council, presided by the king and coposed by representatives of each sector: Nobility, Royalty, Scholars, Producers and Artisans. One person cannot be representative of two diferent sectors at the same time. Representatives are randomly selected each year.   The government council rules the city and the king cannot contradict it. The dragon actually can, but rarely does so, having to explain at the next Council of Dragons meeting the reason for that ruling.   A relevant organitzation is the militia, wich technically every Onternian between 16 and 60 is part of it. The militia works as a police force and city defense.


Born from the union of the Sanctuary exiles and the Old Cult

Demography and Population

All assmars are nobility and form most of it. The rest are mostly humans, having minorities coming from the Protectorate or Molikedar.
Social Sectors There are manly six sectors with representation.   -Producers (Vhir): Farmers, hunters, lumberers... every citizen than produces a prime material.   -Artisans (Cavhir): Every citizen that does something of prime material.   -Warriors (Caex): The armed force that works for the nobility, represented by the Aryte.   -Scholars (Astrix): The ones that store, create or transmit knowledge: teachers, engineers, librarians...   -Nobility (Aryte): Assmars, and other dragonbloods, exceptionally some exceptional inidividuals can be given this status, but in that case is not heritable. Military leaders.   -Royalty (Maekrix): Kings and their descendants on three generations (including the third).
Geopolitical, Free City
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities
Food The more common crops in the coast are: wheat, oats, barley and pottatto. Onion, carrot, cabagge and other vegetables are also common. Molikedar has also a lot of fruit trees like oranges, mandarines, apples, pears, plumes, almonds and cherrys.   They don't raise much animals, but have few goats and chikens. Hunting is a little more popular, normally hunting deers.   They usually make beer and cider, but also a liquor made of pottato, that they latter add fruit flavor.

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