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Ezeltaure is mostly an open society with a lot of internal variation. Law is often just the customs of the individual tribe.   In Ezeltaure there are a 32% of elves, 16% of hobgoblins, 15% of orcs, 15% of goblins, 13% of bugbears, 4% of ogres, 3% of centaurs, and 2% of other races.
The most common type of tribe is indeed the crisol type, where the races and cultures are mixed with one another, forming complex societes of diferent species. But even after such long time, a lot of "pure" tribes still survive, listed on the sidebar as diverged ethnicities.


Major language groups and dialects

Ezeltaure common tongue is Elven, the only language that had a written and codified form before the unification of the nation.

Shared customary codes and values

Ezeltaure follows a form of spiritism, believeing in nature spirits that give power to their shamans. This belief is almost true, as the spirits they venerate are focal points of magic energies that shamans use to fuel their power, but this focal points have no sapience nor free will. You could actually defile and destroy any sacred place that a spirit won't punish you... but a shaman would smite you if they see you doing that.


Relationship Ideals

The marriage is with only one partner, but chastity is not actually expected. In mixed couples, a lover is indeed expected for procreation.

Major organizations

Ezeltaure Nation, The Protectorate
Diverged ethnicities
Related Organizations

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