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Estragon Duchy

This duchy is ruled by the Hangerd family, being the lion their symbol. Like Desta is close to Hyrum and High Empire,but unlike Desta, it shares a land border with Hyrum.


Matters: Wood, Stone, Steel.   Exports: Spices, Crystal, Wool.   Military Power: Its army is strong, prepared to face invasions of Hyrum. The ducal guard consists of seven knights.   Economic Power: Its economic power is less than that of Desta, but not much less and in certain times of the year its economy surpasses Desta.
The Wall: A ten-meter-high rock wall with strategically established fortresses protects all the duchies on the coast from the invaders of Hyrum or the High Empire's attackers. It also defends from land attacks from Hyrum.
Geopolitical, Duchy
Alternative Names
Parent Organization
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