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Empireon is the greatest city on all Ezeltaure Peninsula. Is considered to be the cultural capital of the Ezeltaure Confederation.


Empireon is an example of crysol cultural city. It brings in all kinds of races from all cultures found in Ezeltaure. Lots of people from diferent places live for a time on the city, making the actual population really hard to tell.
There is at any given time between 17.000 and 30.000 inhabitants, 15.000 of which live permanently on the city.


King Arein rules the city as a figurehead but the actual power resides on the Meeting. The Meeting is a council formed by around 100 representatives. Each representative is elected every year by a group of 300 people amongst one of them. Such groups are usually decided for their residence place, but certain cultural group can be clustered together to ensure they are properly represented.
Temporal residents are allowed to vote the representative as long as they are ezelaureans or honorary ezeltaureans and their residenence have been properly registrated in the administration.


The city is protected by a thick outer walls, as well as the protective enchantments placed on it. Every tower of the wall has a magical ward designed to shoot flying enemies.

Industry & Trade

Empireon is known for his woodcarving, carpentry works and cultural products.


Empireon is designed to be comfortable for very diferent races, from the biggest Ogre to the smallest Goblin. The city is built in a radial fashion, being easy to access the center, where the government is situated.
To acomodate the larger races the doorways and the paths are big enough for a single treant to pass freely or bigger. In the similar way, stair steps are designed to be low enough for a goblin and long enough for an ogre to put his foot on. This structures make Empireon a very large city for its population.


The city is in fact one of the oldest of all Eden, its believed to be founded by Gwillion the Diplomat, mentioned in the Song of the Folk.


Empireon is made mostly of wood painted white with vegetal motives. The richer citizens build their houses in white marble and the outer walls are made with granite with a limestone coat that makes it white.
Interiors on the other hand are colourful, with all kinds of bright colors and varied artworks.


Empireon a northern city and is located in the middle of a forest, next to a a big river.

Natural Resources

Empireon is surrounded by forest, being a key location for the wood trade.
Alternative Name(s)
Amperia, The White Forest, City of the Arts
Around 25.000 inhabitants. It fluctuates.
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization

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