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Basic Information


They are, like humans, humanoid mammals. Their body structure, on the other hand, is more ectomorphic and much less hairy. They have very little hair outside their heads and, while not impossible, is very rare seeing an elf with facial hair. Another common trait are pointy ears.

Genetics and Reproduction

Elves, as different species, are incompatible with pretty much every other race. The centaurs are an exception to the rule, being able to have crossbreed offspring with them. Other exceptions are species like dragons and demons, who can actually breed with pretty much anything.

Growth Rate & Stages

Despite their life expectancy being thrice the one of a human, they don't need much more than a human to grow. They hit the equivalent of a human with 18 years in 27 years and when they get adult, they remain young until the last decade of life expectancy.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Elves are mostly found in Alfra and in the Ezeltaure Peninsula , but can also be found in other countries as a minority, living among other races.

Average Intelligence

The intelligence of an elf is usually slightly higher than human's but they tend to be, on the other hand, less creative. This last trait holds back their otherwise impressive potential for technological advance.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Elves can see live energy (As well as negative energy from undead or magic energy animating constructs). Unfortunately, they are only able to see such energy in movement, being an useless sense when target is static.

Civilization and Culture


The elves come from the Ezeltaure Peninsula but before and during the founding of Ezeltaure some were exiled to the south. The folk of Alfra are some of the descendants of the exiled elves.
Elf nature seem to be peaceful when its compared with other races. Ezeltaure was the result of a diplomatic campaign to join several races into one big realm. Alfra, despite using violence to ensure their independence, at first cooperated with humans to create the High Empire. They have truly little to none tradition of conquerors.
240 years
Average Height
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Elves can have the same colours of skin and hair as humans do. Moreso, they can have crimson, blue, purple or green hair as well as other exotic colours. There is a mutation that makes some elven to adquire a bluish tone on their skin, but is pretty rare.

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