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Eden is the name of the only planet that orbits around the Sun. Eden has two known continents: Atlas and the Sand Sea Island but several erudites has measured Eden to be much larger than that. Those two continents represent about a 10% of Eden's surface so it has been teorized that somewhere must be other continents hidden.

Several explorers from the Merchant Republics and the Umbria Principality have tried to find out whats beyond the endless oceans that surround them, but none of them have survived to tell the tale, as Yatan controls those areas quite efectively, making prey of enormous seabeast to whoever dares to get too far from the coast.


Atlas is by far larger than the Sand Sea Island, and due its large size has quite a variable geography, is divided by the Wide Wall into two parts, the northern being the White Badlands, which is a huge tundra who occupies one third of the entire landmass of Atlas. Another part, just south of the Wall are the Savage Lands another huge and inhospitable territory, home of fearsome beasts unknown to the wide world. Another large portion are the Steppes, unfertile plains home to the Steppe Orcs. These two regions make the second third of Atlas. The last third is the actually hospitable land, home of the varied kingdoms of the continent.

The Sand Sea Island is separated from Atlas by the Serpent Sea, a small sea full of islands who makes easy to navigate it. This sea is the home of infamous pirates, the main trade route, and the most active war zone, making such an easy zone to navigate also a very hazardous one. The Sand Sea Island is mostly covered by the feature that gives it his name, the giant desert called Sand Sea. Such desert is indeed unnatural, created by the ancient magic of a demon god. Less than half of the small continent is hospitable, and such small part is still not very fertile. Is the home of four different realms.

Besides from continents, there are several major islands. The largest one is really close to the other two, the Island of Onternia , homeland of the dragon nation. The second largest one, far away from other landmasses is the Red Island, a volcanic land home of the salamanders. Not the next largest but very relevant are the Lidas Island, the gate between oriental and occidental trade and the distant swamp islands, home of the Kenge.

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