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Demon God Dalyn

Divine Domains

Light, Knowledge, Freedom, Gentleness

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A beam of light

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Prevent Iblis from entering Eden and somedya awaken and fight alongisde the mortals against his own kind.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Iblis once created a creature to help him enter Eden, that creature would have a fragment of its power and was composed of pure spirit, without body. In that way, he could be incarnated in a mortal body and open the way to his father from the other side.   His creation, Dalyn, was introduced into the womb of a woman of the nobility of the old Sanctuary Empire and managed the events of imperial policy to create a crack in Axiom, linked to what is now the rock of Sanctuary Island. However, his human nature made him betray his father and enter the crack to repair the damage he had caused.   In the portal there was a confrontation between both entities. Dalyn was much weaker than his father, but before being defeated he was able to seal the portal.   Iblis communicates with the material plane through the crack, but as the portal contains the essence of Dalyn, semi-conscious and fragmented by defeat, the priesthood of Sanctuary hears the mixed messages of both entities continuously.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Preventing his father entering Eden

Failures & Embarrassments

Not being able to stop Iblis for ever   Not realizing what he was doing before it was too late

Intellectual Characteristics

Very smart

Morality & Philosophy

His human half makes him a rare being: a good demon god.

Personality Characteristics


Reparing the damage done and protecting Eden from its father influence.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Very good with magic and philosophy   Very weak for a demon god because he is just an Iblis shard

Personality Quirks

Gentle and caring

RPG Character sheet

Track of his demons: Celestial
Divine Classification
Demon God
130 AoM 112 AoM 18 years old
Somewhere in Aquisgran
Current Residence
Sanctuary Holy Land in between the mortal and the demon world
Biological Sex
Long raven black

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