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Crimson Flags

On all the Serpent Sea is known the alliance between many of the most powerful pirates. Knowing that even the most powerful of them is nothing against the armies of any of the nations who wage war on the Serpent Sea they have decided ally to protect themselves against such treats, while at the same time remain independent and free.

Most Prominent Members

Amongst the most infamous pirates of the alliance are the following ones:
  • Megan "The Mule" Torrent, a very stuborn human woman of umbrian descent. One of her most famous deed was looting a huge umbrian galleon with her small brig, a deed that everyone stated as imposible. She is considered to be in the line between brave and insane. She is also said to have one lover on each port.

  • Snark "Jaws" is probably the most dreaded pirate on all the seas. He is one of the rare weresharks both ruthless and powerful. He is cruel and vicious, often sinking the ships he attacks before they know he is even there, caring very little if the crew of the vessel survives or not. Several pirates pledge loyalty to him, recruiting plenty of sahuagin and other weresharks under his wing.

  • Arias of the Bay, is a dwarf woman who was born in the Republics, the heiress of an small merchant company. When she was young and acompained her mother in a business travel, they were ambushed by pirates. Her mom was sold into slavery and she barely scaped, managing to scape into another pirate vessel before they arribed to Lidas. After some time of struggles to survival, she managed to discover that the pirate crew who attacked her were paid to do so. A rival merchan company, now powerful and big wanted to get her mom out of the picture. Now that she is a powerful captain, she wants to rescue her mother and take revenge on everyone involved in their kiddnaping. She has several vessels loyal to her, one of them of her wife, a elisian pirate captain named Sarae.
  • Anasia is an elf from Alfra, captain of the Sky Sea Pirates. She was kiddnaped at young age by a pirate crew but being quite talented the pirates decided to recruit her into their own. She soon became the first mate and lover of the captain, inheriting the ship after he died in battle. She really loves the thrill of the pirate life.

  • -Luca of Usta is a human from Aquisgran. He was a holy warrior, sworn to the church serving to one of the temples as a commander. When Hyrum took the temple and killed his brothers, he didn't hesitate. He grabbed all the valuables he could find in the temple and fled to the sea, selling them and becoming a pirate.
  • Sidon "The Piper" is a male dwarf from the Republics. He was a former military comander who deserted after seeing Armand II of the North catch fire to his entire fleet in the war for the Black Island. He is truly afraid of fire, avoiding fire mages as often as he can.

  • Aretis is an intersex elisian. They was an slave on Lidas, born from slave parents. They organized an slave uprising and stole a ship, becoming a pirate on their way to freedom.
  • Structure

    Members are free to do as they will, as long as they respect the pirate code:

  • You shall respond the calls to defend the alliance against the armies of the sovereign states. These calls are called "Crimson Tide"
  • Each member has a territory in according to his worth but most of the sea is free for all
  • You shall not loot on the territory of another member
  • Every captain is a king on its ship.
  • You shall not attack other members without an open declaration of war
  • You shall not declare war against another member when a "Crimson Tide" is still active. If the "Crimson Tide" is called in the middle of a war, a truce will be declared until the call is finished.
  • You shall not use loopholes on this rules to your own benefit.
  • Treason against the Crimson Flags shall not go unpunished.
  • "Crimson Tide" misuse is punished by death.
  • Public Agenda

    The main objective of the alliance, is to prevent them from becoming an easy target from the kingdoms who wage war on the Serpent Sea and also to ensure that certain rules are followed.

    Ours is the sea

    Illicit, Other
    Alternative Names
    League of Pirates, Free People Federation, Anchor Guild, The Blades
    Serpent Sea

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