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Bulwark Duchy

They are ruled by the Artford family, wich symbol is the sea turtle. They are close to Umbria, being a powerful wall should Umbria attack aquisgran or the dawn kingdom reach their walls.


Imports: Steel, Wood.   Exports: Cheese, Horses, Fish.   Military Power: Its army is robust, but what stands out most from Bulwark are its impregnable fortresses. It is said that if they faced an invading force they would be able to resist sieges of whole years in them. His ducal guard consists of ten knights, as well equipped as those of Galvania.   Economic Power: Its economic power is something less than that of the duchies of silver, solstice and galvania, but it subsists thanks to the sale of its horses, highly prized and considered the best in the world.

Geopolitical, Duchy
Parent Organization
Aquisgran Empire
Related Ethnicities

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