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Bermug of Aurenia

King Bermug III of Aurenia (a.k.a. The last king)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He was frial and sickly, unable to run without colapsing.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bermug was a sickly man who lived at the shadow of his older brother, Favila II. Due to conflict between internal factions, his older brother was assasinated and Bermug was placed as a puppet-king, thinking that the little brother was more easy to control.   He played the part for most of his rule,feigning being an manipulable fool until he saw his oportunity. He knew of a warlord of the north, Arnau I of Umbria, who was conquering territory to the Dawn KingdomDawn KingdomDawn KingdomDawn KingdomDawn Kingdom. He reunited in secret with the prince, offering him his kingdom and loyalty in exchange of liberating them from both the Dawn Kingdom and the faction who were keeping the leash short on him.   Arnau I accepted on the condition that Aurenia would become a March under his rule, putting an end to the dinasty of kings of Aurenia. Knowing that since they become a vassal of the Dawn Kingdom their royal tittle was no worth, Bermug accepted. The Prince kept his end of the bargaing, defeating both the Dawn Kingdom and the conspirators.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Achieving the independence of Aurenia of the Dawn Kingdom and freeing himself from the conspirators.

Failures & Embarrassments

Being used like a puppet for a long time

Intellectual Characteristics

Calm, smarter than he looks



He tends to cought and talks very slowly.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Aurenia   Marchis of the Sun
280 AoD 327 AoD 47 years old
Biological Sex
Chesnut, short
Aligned Organization

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