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Berengar the first

Prince Berengar I of the Iron Dinasty

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Berengar was a strong warrior, tall and powerful built.

Facial Features

He had a lean face, beard and a scar next to his left eye.

Apparel & Accessories

He wore a magic greatsword named "Prince Hand", granted to him as a gift from the university when he declared war to the empire.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Berengar I was the son of Roger, the first duke of Umbria and was teached the responsability of a rule to its people.   When he was young, his father went with his men to the war against the zoanthropes. Two years latter the Sun Queen Shatrevar of the Dawn Kingdom launched a campaign to recover Umbria and Berengar send a message to his father, the message never arrived because Roger died in the war. The umbrian troops returned home and the new duke was crowned.   The forces of the Sun Queen were far more powerful than the ones of the Duke, whose duchy only had twelve years of existance. Several times help requests were send to the emperor, in hope of recieving some reinforcements. Unluckily, the emperor didn't answer his call, as the werebeasts were winning and he needed all his troops.   In the year 230, Baneria was under siege. When Berengar tought that the war was over, the university approached the duke and offered the help of the mages in exchange of the removal of the imperial law that forbbiden them to teach magic. He accepted and the mages broke the siege of Baneria. True to his word, not only removed the imperial law, something that he was not allowed to, but reformed the institutions to give the university a place in the government. Four years latter, the war was over, and Umbria was the winner.   When the war against the werebeasts ended, the emperor was enraged with Berengar. He sent an envoy to Umbria, telling to Berengar that he should restore the imperial law and undo the changes to the system, besides, he was called to come to the imperial palace to answer for such actions. The duke proclaimed himself prince of the umbrians and told the envoy to tell the emperor that if he wanted the imperial law restored, he would have to do so by the sword.   The emperor sent its armies to the south, but the exhaustion from the war and the superior magic support that Umbria had made the south a lost cause for the empire. During that war, he and the leader of the university, Bernart of the Fire Sword, become good friends. The emperor, at 250 AoL, decided that the south was not worth such costly war and retired his troops, telling Berengar that he accepted was no longer interested in them, ending the war.   The next year, following Bernart advice, he reunited his vassals, the university and the more prominent merchants and made the foundations of the Umbria Principality. Together, using the santuarian constitutions that the university presented as a base, they wrote down the constitutions that would rule the principality from that day onwards. That same day divided Umbria in two marches and gave the North March to his good friend Bernart.   He ruled umbria until he died on his bed.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Creating the university as institution   Winning the Umbrain Great War   Proclaiming the independence of Umbria

Failures & Embarrassments

Failing to stop the Dawn Kingdom from reaching the capital.   Losing "Prince Hand" retreating from a battle at the end of the war and not being able to find it in his lifetime.

Morality & Philosophy

Loyal to the core to his word, people and allies.

Personality Characteristics


Protecting Umbria and the ones he consider his allies.


Contacts & Relations

Close friend of Bernart of the Fire Sword   Son of Roger I of Umbria   Her daugther, Arsenda I became the next princess of Umbria.

RPG Character sheet

Barbarian lvl 5 (Path of Rage)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Prince of Umbria Duke of Umbria Marchis of the Iron
207 AoD 277 AoD 70 years old
Current Residence
Buried in the mausoleum at the Baneria Cathedral
Biological Sex
Long, raven black
Quotes & Catchphrases
"No king nor emperor will rule Umbria again"   "Of course im loyal, but not to the emperor who let my people die but to the mages who saved my city and the knights who died fighting for me"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fluent in Banerian and Silverian
Previously Held Ranks & Titles

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