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Beni Ibrahim

Also known as thunder dwelers. Recently, at 437, the Beni Ibrahim tribe reached Molikedar. They asked to meet Suz Rain. The city they reached was Qusta, ruled by king Ostgard, son of Lor Neverember, Suz Rain right hand. The king recieved them and they explained their case to him.   They knew that Suz Rain defeated Angra, and wanted to know the powerfull dragon to pledge loyalty as they considered that their honor demanded it. Ostgard agreed to get them a hearing and went to Osmara to speak with the Emperor, with the Beni Ibrahim as guests.   Suz Rain granted them the tittle of thunder dwelers after they pledged lolalty to him, the empire, the malik and king ostgard, in that order. Because of that, they are considered imperial citizens and tenesians, but they don't live in the empire, living instead by their own lifestyle, but they will heed if they are called.
Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe
Beni ibrahim or thunder dwelers
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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