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Beni Husein

They are the tribes descendant of the tribes decendants of the Medina Empire, wandering the desert following their own law, as they made the promise to not settle again until Medina was recovered. They are mostly scorpionids and humans, with a few Jin survivors. Often called Sand Dwellers by outsiders, and Beni Hussein by themselves. They are divided in tribes and then in familiar clans. The relation among trives ranges from the strongest friendship and the deepest of hates but always have united against foreign dangers.   For centuries, the Beni Husain have survived in the few oasis of the Sand Sea, dreaming with finding Medina capital city and rebuilding their old home. But that is not an easy task, as Angra magic warped the island, creating mountains from the ground and turning others into sand. Most of medinian cities lay beneath the sands, and the few who aren't, are haunted by demons and monsters.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Fatima, Nadia, Aliya, Farah, Basira,Safiya,Yasmin

Masculine names

Hakim, Ali, Ibrahim, Karim, Sualiman, Salem, Mostafa

Family names

Al-Ali, Al-Karim, Al-Bakr, Al-Faruq, Al-Barak


Culture and cultural heritage

For nomads, family is valued and irreplaceable, even in the afterlife the bond isn't shattered, the family is eternal. The individual is nothing without the group and the family is over any of its members.   Family is patriarchal in nature, being the father in charge of his sons, unmarryed daugthers and his sons families. Women goes to their husbands family and return to their own if they divorce.   They place little value on money, making the exchanges mostly in barter. They speak Luga, derived from the tongue of the Medina Empire.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Nomads consider honor the top value, never to be broken and with nothing to be ashamed of. Honor is a familiar matter, so if a man acts with dishonor, brings shame to all his family.   Every ofense must be cleared with the needed punishment and restitution. If a family member is killed, they have the right to kill their killer, eye for eye, hand for hand.   Hospitality is considered mandatory, the host must protect the guest, and the guest should not bring harm onto the host. The hospitality vow is made when the guest eats food from the host and lasts 3 days.   Loyalty to the family is another important value. Also is purity, as a man and a woman should refrain from uneeded touch unless married.   Finally comes piety, nomads follow a pantheon that varies from tribe to tribe or even from family to family. A nomad must be pious, but every creed is acepted.

Common Taboos

Going against family, breaking your given word, impiety and failing to uphold hospitality are major sins to the Beni Husein

Common Myths and Legends

The legends say that the capital city survived, that the old magic of the Jin protected it from the sandstorm of Angra. Even being intact, Angra's magic displaced it to an unknown location, never to be found. Its said that it contains the secrets to make the Sand Sea Island green again.

Historical figures

Ibrahim ibn Abd Al-Karim ibn Najib, great visir of Medina and right hand of the Jin Emperor


Relationship Ideals

Marriage is a sacred vow but divorce is possible. A man can have more than one wife, technically, is married to each one.

Major organizations

The major political factions are the big tribes, form more powerful to less powerful:  

  • Beni Ibrahim (Known also as thunder dwellers)
  • Beni Nadiyya (One of the few lead by a woman)
  • Beni Khalid
  • Beni Karim
  • Beni Farah
  • Diverged ethnicities
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