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Banerian Chant Competition

Usually a Banerian Chant Competition is about Chant Fights, celebrating a tournament with eliminatory rounds of two chanters until the champion is proclaimed. Each round is composed by six turns: three alternated for each chanter. A team of five judges decide who is the winner of each round deciding in several factors:
  • Speed, taking long pauses and stoping to thinks will surely afect your score negatively. While speaking fast can score you several points in this category the pauses have more weight, so picking an optimal pace is very important. You have to be quick enough to sound elegant, but not quicker than you can think the next verses.

  • Voice, having a voice and singing properly is also important, after all, despite being primarly poetry, the Banerian Chant is also a song.

  • The more important one, wit, doing clever remarks and using the chant of the rival to boast and mock the other. For example if your rival says its verse its so great that no one can overshadow it, you could imply in your turn that its difficult to overshadow someone with such big ears.
  • Being just a folk competition done in fairs, rarely the winner gets a material price for winning, but often chanters compete just for the fame.

    Banerian Chant

    The Banerian Chant is an improvised song with rhyme. The stanzas are usually of between five and twelve verses, being six the most common number. The most common form of rhyme is ABACBC. Another common form are stanzas of eight ABBACDDC.   The most common form of Banerian Chant is the Chant Fight, were two or more chanters duel each other, with jesting, bragging and messing with each other. Mocking is expected to be clever and elegant,so being plain rude is not appreaciated.
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