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Aurenia is mostly human, but has a 30% of its population of Elisian Elisian race.


Aurenia holds the central government of the Sun March and also has its own City Concilum, who choses representatives for the former and also rules the city.


Its only defense is the single wall that surrounds it, protected by impressive towers with arcana siege weaponry installed.

Industry & Trade

Aurenia has access to a gold mine close to the lake, wich makes the region relatevely rich, tough is not a great producer of much else except maybe for the agrarian production, wich is good but not impressive.


Aurenia has a single wall, surrounding it and emcompassing all districts. The north part of the city holds the lake port and also the palace of the sun, the home of the old aurenian kings and the current marchises. At the center is the Great Aurenian Universty, the bigest academy of all Umbria. Another well known buildings are the three churches, the public bath, the amphitheatre and the Basilica of the Eagle.   All the high class district is surrounded by a large garden. On the other hand the academy is surrounded by a large plaza.


Having the largest university of the entire peninsula is quite a cultural reference, especially on the non-arcane arts.

Guilds and Factions

Obviously, like all umbrian cities, artisan guilds are strong. Every guild is composed by the craftmen whose activity legislates and they fix the prices, working hours and the payment of helpers and aprentices.


Aurenia was founded by the Santuarian empire as an enclave to control the gold production of the mines of the lake. When the empire got fragmented the city holded several scholars from the north who safeguarded here the knowledge and founded the current academy.   This city got empovered on the Dawn Kingdom invasion, forced to pay expensive tributes, only regaining part of its old glory when Umbria annexed it and liberated it from the Dawn Kingdom.


The city is close to a large lake and several smaller ones, its about 10km away from the mountains.

Natural Resources

Several caves around the lake are indeed gold mines.
Large city
About 14.000 inhabitants
Location under
Owning Organization

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