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Athay is a very strong military regime, the Capitan General is also the ruler of Athay, as every free citizen is part of the army, with few freelance adventurers and prestigious professions like engineer and weaponsmith. The military hierarchy is strict and the military regime is disciplinated and harsh.   Unpleasant tasks fall on the slaves, mostly "recruited" from the Savage Lands and the Sky Pillars.

Public Agenda

To suport their lifestyle based on slavery.


Very powerful army   A lot of slave hands


Athay was founded after the raise of the Necromancer. When this dark mage got the power in Bryn, they decided to abandon the kingdom and settle on the other side of the furnace, not wanting to fight against their brethern but also not wanting to do anything with the undead.

Demography and Population

About 30% of the population are the Fire Giants, the rest, are slaves of other races.
Military, Other
Related Ethnicities

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