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Armand II of the North

Marchis Armand II of the North

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is small compared to his predecessors, but very strong for his size. His muscles are slim and compact but defined.

Body Features

He has a darker shade of fair skin.

Facial Features

His beard and young face make him quite handsome.

Identifying Characteristics

He has a big tatto for her body, linking his essence to a primordial fire.

Physical quirks

Tends to play with his beard when his mind wanders.

Special abilities

He is a quite talented paladin with good healing and fire skills, being able to ignite things looking at them.

Apparel & Accessories

In court he wears simple tunics with fire-based patterns as well as the family crown.   In combat he wears a set of heavy armor and weilds a sword and a shield.

Specialized Equipment

Primordial fire magic, swordfigthing and healing.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Son of Bernart IV, who died at the war of the Black Isle and direct descendant of Bernart of the Fire Sword stands the marchis of the North March. When he was 8 years old, he saw by accident a demon of Belphegor making a pact with an ambitious noble, writting in his young mind a real concern for these creatures.   Is pretty close friend to Princess Arsenda III as both value knowledge and their fathers died together. He convinced her to construct the new warhips modeled at the academies of the north march and use them in the war.


He graduated at the university at young age.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Impulse umbrian navy with the last naval technology developed by the Umbrian University, increasing the naval might of the principality.   Becoming Captaun of the Militant Order of the most prestigious academy of the North March.

Failures & Embarrassments

He fails to convince the nobility of the inminet need of an alliance with Tenesia. Local nobility and the university fear that involving with a such a powerful nation might become the end of both umbrian growth and their social power on the long run.

Mental Trauma

He saw a demon at young age, the image is so deeply graven in his mind that he cannot help but to tremble at the idea of a demon invasion or them taking over the government by intrigue.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is quite smart and knowledgeable

Morality & Philosophy

He really values knowledge and despises demons, thats why he respects Tenesia a lot and he wants to bring the dragon nation close, so they can rid the world of the infernal spawn.

Personality Characteristics


Joining Umbria and Tenesia.   Getting umbria rid of demonic influence.


Contacts & Relations

Good friend of the Grand Master and the Principal of the Academy of the bright Flame   Close friend to the Princess Arsenda III.

Religious Views

He doesn't like much the cult of Uz, feeling that is useless to fight Belphegor and its minions and suspecting them of being actually corrupted by demons.   He is cauitos about the social consequences of its ideas, so he doesn't speak about them.

Social Aptitude

Confident and easygoing, quite charismatic.

Hobbies & Pets

Likes cooking, specially desserts.


He usually makes heavy uses of metaphors and parables to get his point.


Princess Arsenda III

Liege and best friend (Vital)

Towards Armand II of the North



Armand II of the North

Inmediate Vassal and best friend (Vital)

Towards Princess Arsenda III




The parents of both died at the Black Island War, being both very young rulers with shared interests they friendship was natural.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They both are very loyal to Umbria and value knowledge as both itself and the key of umbiran sucess.

Shared Secrets

Armand knows that Arsenda is a lesbian.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Marchis of the North March   Former Captain of the Academy of the bright Flame
Year of Birth
412 AoD 27 Years old
Biological Sex
Dark blue
Long and of the color of mahogany
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Of course my vessel is the fastest! After i burn their sails no vessel is able to navigate faster than mine"
Aligned Organization
Umbria Principality
Known Languages
Fluent in Aurenian and Banerian. Moderate knowledge of Imperial, Tenesian and Silverian. Understands a bit of Arluga and Cinerian. He know some words in draconic.

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