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The most impresive thing about this race is their extreme sexual dimorphism, being the females much larger than males. Also they are famous for the silk they produce, wich is exported to the west and considered to quality. Males are only a 5% of the total population, so they are considered too valuable and frail to be exposed to hard work, so they are often sages, medics and other intellectual professions. They are cared and protected, as they are invaluable to the community being the females in charge of everything else.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Aracno are similar to humans from waist to top, sharing the same sctructure and colors except for their pointy ears. From waist to bottom, are giant spiders, having a tauric body.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mostly in the islands of the Moon Empire

Average Intelligence

Below human level

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They use nodoran names, that means they use simple silabes, rarely putting two consonants together: Azura, Nakaza, Sapama, Rezate They have personal names, given by their mothers and family name, given when they form a family, until then, they use their mother family name as their own family name .

Major Organizations

Aracno enclaves (Arakano in their language). They are mostly part of the Moon Empire, but the Emperor grants them autonomy and their are out of the feudal society.

Gender Ideals

Knowledge is considered a male trait, and is extremely cute. That, and the lack of concern for male personal space makes them a difficult race to deal with for sages of other races. On the other side, martial skill and courage is considered a very womanly trait.

Relationship Ideals

They form families born from the group marriage of several females (Tought later, new wifes can be added, some can be expelled or one can divorce the others) between themselves and chosing a family name. In that regard, males are more of an addittion (An indispensable one) to the family, more than part of the union by themselves.

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Their silk make them coveted targets for Lidian slavers. At the same time they don't wish to anger the empire. Lidas official politic is to ban Aracno slave trade, but they efforts to pursue it is mostly aparent. They let the illegal trade flourish as much as they can without damaging their relatonship with the empire. Lidas merchant dream with the day that they would be able to produce their own silk without buying it to the empire. Enslaving an aracno female is a really dangerous business as they are one of the strongest races at the east of the Atlas continent, rivaling with salamanders. Enslaving a male is even worse, as they are fiercely protected by their females.

RPG Datasheet

Combine Artropod with Silver Harness and Mount Skill Large size for females, Small for Males   Natural Level 1 for males 6 for females

Average Height
230cm for females 90cm for males
Average Weight
600kg for females 30kg for males

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