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Aquisgran society is divided in three estates: nobility or military arm (3%), priests or religious arm (6%) and the commoners (91%). Of the third state, the royal arm, only citizens have representation in the government. The two first have privileges and hold lands, but cities are exclusive domain of the emperor and the dukes. Counts, marquises, barons and lords only have power over their small villages and the farmland. Priests are divided in high clergy, like bishops and low clergy, like town priests. Only the high clergy have privileges comparable to the nobility, being the low clergy little better than commoners.  


  Most of population is human, with a dwarf minority and the presence of troll and minotaur mercenaries.  


Aquisgran is an agrary society, being the most commons crops are wheat, barley, onions and turnips. The most common cattle are cows, chikens, sheeps and pigs.  


Oficial religion of Aquisgran is the Uz Cult, being all other religions banned, except for the cases specified by the Silver Edict.  


Aquisgran nobility love tournaments, using them to celebrate Los nobles de Aquisgran aman medirse en torneos, estos celebran coronations, marriages, births, baptisms, conquests, peace, alliances and a lot of important events. The most popular competitions are foot toornaments and mounted jousting. Obviously the weapon used are unlethal.


Major language groups and dialects

Silverian at court, Solstice, Galvanian and Silver duchies. Anerian at Bulwark duchy Suevian at Desta, Estragon and Ustan duchies.

Common Taboos

Witchcraft, Necromancy and mind control magic are banned. Other magic is not hunted, but its not welcome either.


Relationship Ideals

Marriage is formal and a religious matter, monogamy and chastity are expected. Mixed couples are not taken into consideration.

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