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Aquisgran Empire

Aquisgran Empire is divided in seven duchys, eight on paper: Galvania, Silver, Solstice, Bulwark, Ustan, Desta and Estragon. The eighth duchy is in theory Umbria, as they haven't accepted their independance, but they cannot rule it and they know it.   The empire ruler is the Emperor, who must hear the advice of the dukes, needing the support of at least five of them to take an important decision. Their law is based on the laws of the Santuarian Empire but modified for centuries by the duke council. When an emperor dies the dukes make an election between them to chose a new emperor, being the dukes of the families Eryn, Unithgol and Mellit the most common emperors because of their influence. Because its considered an important decision, five votes are required.

Geopolitical, Empire
Atlas Continent
Related Ethnicities

Trade agreements

The republics are a very valued ally of the Empire, who knows it needs them to defend their coastal regions against Hyrum attacks. Also, the dwarves know that Aquisgran is the only thing preventing a land attack on the Republics.

Peace with ocassional war for the islands

Alfra doesn't like the followers of Uz.


There is no open war since the independence, but Aquisgran has still no accepted that Umbria is now an independent realm and sees the Umbrian university as a dangerous precedent.

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