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Alfra is a republic ruled by the Ruling Council, on which the High Magistrate is the mediator. The Council is composed by chosen representatives of each sector: army, priesthood, merchants, artisans, and farmers. Representative elections are celebrated every 6 years.

Alfra is divided into several provinces, which governor is decided by the Council between the candidates proposed by the province. Law is a formal code written and approved by two thirds of the council and important laws cannot be changed without a referendum. Like the High Empire, Alfra has guilds.

Unlike other countries, Alfra has not social clases. Alfra is structured into professional sectors, being considered all of them equals. Slavery is banned in all Alfra, as they absolutely despise such practice.  


Fruit trees are common: oranges, almonds, pears, apricots, cherries, and hazelnuts are the most appreciated ones. The main crops are wheat, watermelons, melons, and rice. Cattle are very important, being cows and sheeps pretty common.  


The oficial religion is Sazzar Cult, the religious head is chosen by the priesthood and is called the High Priest. They apply the equality principle correctly, believing that social classes are inherently bad.


The elf folk was the original worshiper of Sazzar and also allied with the Medinian Empire even before of the beginnings of the cult.

When they were assimilated by the growing High Empire the Sazzar Cult slowly became the official religion of the Empire. The cult was adapted to the empire administration and in the course of a century, the changes to the cult were totally infuriating to the elves. On the human perspective, the changes of the cult were gradual al slow paced. Most elves, on the other hand, were old enough to live all the changes, becoming infuriated at the heresies and corruption of their sacred beliefs.

Not wanting to see any longer the perversion of their culture, they decided to wage war to proclaim the independence. The High Empire was also attacked by Hyrum, making them unable to prevent the loss of their province.
Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
Alfran Republic
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