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Alfra is mostly an elven realm, there is an small minority of humans and Scorpionfolk , given their previous affiliation with the High Empire.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Traditionally they made their surnames made of the mix of the surnames of their parents. They have only one.


Major language groups and dialects

They speak mainly Arluga

Shared customary codes and values

Afrans value equality and they are very open-minded for the standards of the rest of Eden. Only the tenesian can be said to be more appreciative of diversity than them.

  Unlike other inhabitants of the Sand Sea Island they value individuality, considering the individual the base of the society and not otherwise. They highly value personal honor, believing that personal honor shapes society honor, like the drops of blood compose a bloodstream.

Common Dress code

They usually wear ample clothes, fit to the harsh climate of the desert. They tend to wear an scarf or a veil covering their hair.

The alfran style is colorful and cheery. They wear bright colors, avoiding dull or discrete colours like sandy, white, black or grey; reserving them for bedtime. They particularly enjoy wearing green with red patterns.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Like nomads, they value honor and hospitality. They preach that no elf, human or scorpionid should have nothing left to be ashamed of. Every debt must be repaied, every offense must be cleared. Also like the Beni Husein, the talion is applied, but the offended party can settle for less, being compassion regarded as a form of honor.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Every alfran, is fire-branded from very young, having a circle shaped scar on their right arm that identifies them as sazzarites.

Coming of Age Rites

When an alfran is considered to be an adult, a big party is celebrated. The party starts at the sunset and is held until dawn, representing the path of a mortal, from darkness to the light of Sazzar. Every hour, the new adult must be fire-branded again, adding a little spike to the baptismal circle until the circle turns into a sun with twelve spikes.
Due to the uneven duration of the night along the year, if the sun rises before they finish the scarification, they end the party anyway and complete the scar later. If they finish the process before, they just keep parting the rest of the night.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Elves burn the bodies of the fallen, as the fire purifies their sins and lets them pass unburdened to the next life.  

Alfran dances

Alfrans really enjoy dances, being present in all celebrations. Unlike in their daily lives, they don't wear too much clothing when they dance, men usually going barechested and women with crop tops. Usually, they wear long pants when dancing and go barefoot. The main instrument in dancing are the drums, and the movements are mostly belly based.  

Alfran Magic

Alfrans like magic, but they haven't magic universities like Umbria. They have a prominent mage-warrior tradition and are good at magic based on wind, light, sand, and fire.

Common Myths and Legends

They talk about a future prophet, one that will talk each nation of world peace. This prophet will unite all free folk as equals against the threat of Ahriman and will end the darkness once and for all.


Relationship Ideals

Marriage is a formal and spiritual ceremony officiated by the clergy, you can only have one spouse and chastity is expected, but you are allowed to have a lover for reproduction if you are part of a mixed couple. Divorce is as easy as marriage.
Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species
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