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Aed Sidhe

On the Danaan Island live the Aed Sidhe or fairies, people described at the same time as preternaturally beautiful and horribly ugly. The word Aed Sidhe contains quite a lot of diferent species, some of them formed by unique individuals.   They are divided between common fey and god fey. The common fey are weaker and classifiable in greater groups: Satyrs, Pixies, Nymphs, Dryads, Boggarts, Redcaps... The god fey are unique individuals that are workshiped as deities.   They take care of a giant garden that is the Fey World and most fey have a function on it an a place in the hierarchy. They make sure the place is beautiful, protected and gives enough food for the fey and fancy treats like wine for they lords. On the upper hierarchy are fey like the nymphs, who are the court of their fey gods, made to entertain and please them, and of course at the top are the fey gods themselves, who usually are found playing chess with other gods.   They fear the demons, so they usually don't go outside, being only known for the locals. They don't want to be found when the demons take over the world, and they won't be found as long as the demons see them as mere legends and tales to scare the children. Latelly, the Space Tear is making their barriers unstable, so to prevent their world to become visible again they have send some fey to investigate the source, being ordered to pretend to be just "some exotic race of the savage lands" and are forbidden to reveal the truth about the fey.

Basic Information


They vary to much to be described in general, having thousands of diferent subespecies. All of them have innate magical abilities.

Genetics and Reproduction

They don't seem to reproduce the normal way, being unknown how new fey are created.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Above human average

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

The Aed Sidhe don't seem to care about people's appearance, thats why they like

Courtship Ideals

They are creatures of whim, being direct in what they want and doing it as long it respects heirarchy and consent.

Relationship Ideals

No formal relationships

Average Technological Level

Middle medieval

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Common Etiquette Rules

Fey gods are to be respected, they are considered gods an expect to be trated like such. Treating a fey god without reverence may anger them.

Common Taboos

The Aed Sidhe have some particular rules than even the fey god respect:
  • Breaking your given word or lying is considered an unforgivable crime.
  • You cannot enter a home without being invited
  • Never tell your full name
  • Common Myths and Legends

    They are a myth and a legend by theirselves

    RPG Datasheet

    Fey track   Natural level variable (From 1 to 8 on lesser fey, from 9 to 14 for fey gods)


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