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The Kraken of The Lobina Channel


It is nothing out the ordinary when a ship is wrecked in a storm mid journey through the Lobina Channel, however legends talk of a mighty beast that stretches possibly the length of the channel itself, said to only appear during storms on the 13th day of each month as it feeds on the denizens of the ocean and those that sail above. Not many survive such an attack and those that do are never the same as the Kraken of the Lobina Channel devours all it encounters with its thousands of tentacles pulling down all to the icy depths. Some say the it is the Emeral Kraken Tidemeraldus himself, others say that it is his largest firstborn. Whatever this beast is it is known to even the Triton not to swim the channels currents on a stromy 13th.

Historical Basis

It is theorized by many that a kraken could live in the Lobina Channel but the fact there is not physical evidence of its existence and that those that survive the shipwrecks on the stormy are drunk or mad from the experience that they are willing to believe it was the old myth that destroyed their ships and not the harsh sea.


The tale of the Kraken of the Lobina Channel has spread far through the north west seas, many coastal regions use it as a tale to scare children and young sailors alike but all who know the tale hold a special fear for the kraken in their hearts and avoid the channel on stormy days.

In Literature

In Hool a book has been printed called "Mobi Kraken" about a sea captain who spends his life obsessed with hunting down the kraken that took his leg.
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