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Karthag The Wet Desert is a Stormy, toxic planet with a hardy people on it. it's been embroiled in a planet spanning conflict for over 20 years with no end in sight.   the Tech on this planet is post-modern, the weapons that are available are restricted to projectile, flame and relatively primitive melee weapons. vehicles available are jet propelled flyers, submarines and titans. there exists more advanced space ships capable if interstellar flight but most of them can't handle the storms on the planet itself and is stored and used on space stations and the moons of the planet.


the terrain is on Karthag is rocky, muddy, and mountainous with tall peaks generally made into fortresses with tunnels leading down into the underground cities and factories. there is always water nearby because of the constant rain but the water needs filtering before it can be drank safely. because of this there are large water treatment plants in most cities and fortresses.   there are rare places of calmer weather on Karthag and this is generally where vegetation grows. these places are prized not necessarily for their resources but for being spiritual centers. places for healing the mind and body.

Flora & Fauna

the little fauna that does exist is kept underground as livestock. very little Flora grows on the surface because of the harsh climate, the flora that does grow tough and thick.

Natural Resources

the planet contains Vast quantities of Metals of varying rarity and value. also some of it's plants produce various rare substances that is harvested for use and sale, these plants are grown to the best of the Karthians ability.
Alternative Name(s)
The wet desert
Location under
The Uridar System
Contested By

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