Water Weird

A water weird is an elemental guardian bound to a specific water-filled location, such as a pool or fountain.
  Invisible while immersed in water, its serpentine shape becomes clear only when it emerges to attack, using its coils to crush any creature other than its summoner and those its summoner declares as off limits. When slain, a water weird becomes an inanimate pool of water. Good and Evil Weirds.
  Like most elementals, a water weird has no concept of good or evil. However, a water weird bound to a sacred or befouled source of water begins to take on the nature of that site, becoming neutral good or neutral evil.
  A neutral good water weird tries to frighten away interlopers rather than kill them, while a neutral evil water weird kills its victims for pleasure and might turn against its summoner. A water weird loses its evil alignment if its waters are cleansed with a purify food and drink spell.


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