Umbra Arc Premise

You are members of an organization called The Umbra Collective with their base of operations situated in Lorkeep in Rayas. You each joined at different times and have been employed here as agents for 1d4*1d4 months. You all now very recently form part of the same group under the employ of a mysterious individual known only as The Collector who sends these groups out into the world to accomplish a variety of tasks.   The main purposes of the collective include finding lost treasure, offering protective services, general mercenary services, item reclamation and the destruction of items deemed too powerful to exist.   Each member of the team brings their own unique skills to the table and from time to time additional members may join you if you are lacking in a certain department. You often have opportunities to interact with the other members of the organization at the headquarters and each group has a magical communications device to relay information back and forth. A designated callsign activates and allows this communication to take place, each team is reffered to by their callsign within the organization.   Prior to joining, some of you studied at the Moonrise Academy, obtaining various vital operational skills needed in the collective.   You are currently (as entry level agents) paid a flat fee of 1gp per day (working or not) and are awarded a 1% share of any additional payments your group is responsible for on top of this. Breaks in service come around every now and then, The Collector appreciates taking time to unwind to allow you to remain focused on the jobs as they come in. Recently one of these aforementioned breaks has just come to a close and you have received a message that a new job is on the horizon, you are to report to the offices tomorrow at sunrise for your first briefing as a new team.


As a group, you have been tasked with several items to aid you on your assignments. You have been entrusted with an umbra kit consisting of a Quill of Concealment, an Umbra Eye, a COIL Device, a spell scroll of Symbol Flare and a selection of material components.

Collective Skill Bonus

Characters in the collective are assigned a role and they recieve a bonus based on their choice. Each player gets one umbra token per long rest which can be used to add 5 + their player level to one specific skill check roll or ability check.


You can choose between Investigation and History.


You can choose between Intimidation, Persuasion and Deception.


You can choose between Survival and Nature.


You can choose between Medicine, Animal Handling and Survival.


When you pick the guardian role you must choose one stat from the following choices Strength, Dexterity and Constitution.  
The events of this campaign take place in the year 4000, 25 years after the end of the first campaign.   You will be using level 3 characters for this campaign. You will use the standard array or point buy methods for stat distribution and take average hit points to start with. You may choose to roll these when you level up or again take the average.   The Umbra Collective's emblem is a purple planet in front of a blazing orange sun, and when in official dress, members' clothing is dark with highlights in those colours.   Your characters will begin with 2d100+100 gold pieces and no additional items apart from your starting equipment. We will roll these in the session zero.
World Assumptions
It takes roughly a days travel for each hex on the map, they equate to 30 miles from one end of a hex to another. See more Here.   The main pathways depicted on the map (Rayas) are major trade routes and have been developed as such however there is no centralised force patrolling these routes unlike in Ethea.   Magical ability is something that is noticeably becoming more sparce as the centuries go on. Please review the Naru world page (bottom two paragraphs) for more information.


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