Santo Crag

The northern stretch of the Santhor Mountains is filled with valleys, canyons and gorges. Santo Crag is located at the foot of the most northern peak and features an extraordinarily large towering spire of rock next to it. There have been many climbing challenges set around these parts and as of yet, nobody has ever managed to successfully climb the crag. The crag is approximatley 1500ft high and is roughly half the height of the mountain it is part of.

Santo Spire

The spire is located around 100ft away from the crag and is only a mere 500ft high compared to the towering mountain next to it. Said to be home of a coven of crones, versed in old blood magic and willing to bargain with you for a price should you seek out their services. Tales say there is a house atop the spire and only those who make the climb are worthy of striking a deal with the crones. The land around the spire is often encased in a low laying fog that covers up eneven terrain making travel dangerous.  
Parent Location


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