A selection of information posted on noticeboards, gossip heard in the taverns or streets and general updates for differernt areas.

Monster of the Fields

Tanjar - 5 gold coins A mysterious creature has been slaughtering livestock in farmland around Tanjar. The locals want the beast dealt with and fast!

Missing Items

Lorkeep - 30 gold coins The Korenworth estate was burgled some nights ago and a precious diamond, a medallion and an expensive scroll were taken. Information leading to return of all three items will return a reward.

Underground Screaming?

Lorkeep - 10 gold coins The owner of the Westgate Inn would like somebody to explore why screams can be heard, seemingly coming from underneath their cellar which is used as a function room. It is putting off people booking and using it.

Charred Spellbook

Penrow - 4 gold coins A mysterious semi burned spellbook has been found in one of the farming fields surrounded by ash and burned crops, some superstitious locals would like this investigated.

Missing Wagon

Ardenwall - 8 gold coins A wagon carrying a large amount of crops headed for Pincerroth has vanished along with the coachmen and horses. There are no tracks or trails to follow along the main trade route.

Religious Camp

Pincerroth A group of acolytes spreading the message of their deity and looking for new followers have made camp just outside the town.


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