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The church of the infinite scriptures

Formally a cult of the wild four, the church of the infinite scriptures is an ancient organisation that preaches awe and respect for the natural world. It's chief belief is that this world is sacred, and so to know about it, to understand and appreciate it fully, is also sacred. The "infinite scriptures" that they speak of consists of all that could be known, and most members of the church consider it their duty to write more pages of the "scriptures" or at least maintain those that exist. As such, the church of the infinite scriptures is believed to be responsible for the earliest widespread libraries, as well as having significant influences of the development of samurellan culture.


Perceived mostly as simply harmless, the Church's nature to be dispersed and solitary means most people only experience their influence in libraries. Many stores of knowledge have been collected or written by it's servants, and it is common to find the phrase "And so it is written to the infinite scriptures" added carefully inside a cover of an old tome. Only a small minority of it's following are still firmly devoted to the wild four, most have gone their own way, pledging themselves instead to the core principles of that religion, and the quest to further the scriptures.

Mythology & Lore

As a breakaway cult of the wild four tetrad, the church shares most of the myths of it's wider religion, usually with a distinct emphasis on themes of knowledge, nature, and searching. They widely believe that the four, before ascending, sought to understand and appreciate all there was; a quest that lead them to make the desision to ascend.
However, members of the church are invested in collecting and catalouging stories of other tetrads, believing them to still be important, if they help describe or explain part of what the church calls "lifetruth" or "worldtruth". (Ie. information about the workings of the world, excluding information about society.)

Divine Origins

Estimated to be one of the earliest recorded cults of the wild four, the church is at least 1800 years old. It's insistance on recording everything it could in vast libraries mean we know it came into davmire from the south. It is widely believed that followers of the church were some of the first to cross the Qell-barala (an enormous desert that streches almost to the sea, found across the sea from southern davmire).

It is Written

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
The order of mercenta [ an ancient prophet]

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