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Iplintain is, by population, a small township, and lies to the west of Astora. Despite it's recent involvement in the war it manages to maintain income for it's richer class. It's main exports are apples and sheep, both of which flourish with the rainy weather and rich soil. The terrain is hilly, but milder than Andleros and Mansterr, as the mountains begin to give way to the lower ground around the river Savergren.

Notable Places:

Lorren's Keep, the only village on the main road and site of a battle of the same name
Alik-tor, an enormous fenced area of land that grazes sheep, surrounded by small shepherd huts
Scraglash Risings, a drier hill on which several manor houses are built, a short distance from the road
Brentvale, aka the brentvale memorial, is a walled temple built by the national guard to comemorate the fallen of the fiendstike war.
Hollyclough, the northenmost village, that manages to be more successful through trade of crafted products to the red road.


Iplintain is seen by many as the successor to the Manner reigion, of older times. While it is almost agressively patriotic among it's upper classes, this attitude only manages to instill fear in it's small population. An age-old feeling of abandonment means that laws here have been strict about the religions and races permitted, as a tiny township struggles to defend it's borders and searches for someone to blame.
However, the main event that comes to mind for those thinking of iplintain is the fiend-strike war. As the invading forces passed through Mansterr unhindered and unannounced and began to tear through iplintain they left absolute devastation. The population of local combatants was utterly destroyed, and several of the earlier battles of the war took place in the township.
After twelve years, the area is still not back to normal. Most of the people who remain living in the three main settlements struggle to keep the farms going, and the lord has taken to importing criminals from other townships to work as her militia, allowing her to remain unchallenged in her extorsion of the people.

Geopolitical, County / March
Leader Title

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