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Napier 2080


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Before the Warheads, we lived like apes, blast radios. When the Americans threatened Great Britan, they responded with the force of a thousand gods. And those gods rained metal on us until there was nothing left but ash. And in the dust, humans preserved. We build our global civilisation up from the ground, piece by piece, innovation by innovation. Now we live in a world more advanced than our ancestors could dream of.   We live in a golden age. We have conquered the power of flight, innovated technology beyond what 300 years ago could have been thought possible and developed measures so that devastation like what happened once before, never exits again. With the safety of the GDN, we developed a lifestyle fit for kings once more...   Yet all of that came with a cost. For every innovation, there would be those who seek to abuse the power this gave them, for every new measure, there would be those who would corrupt and defile their name.   Before the Warheads we lived like apes, now we live in fear, without even knowing it. Are you afraid? You Should be.   Shall we take a look?