November 27, 2022

Final Update!

I am a winner!!! My actual date of completion was November 23, 2022, but I think I died a little once all the tension was gone and I'd finally made it so this is coming a little late.

I made it to 50k, but the story isn't quite done, so I'm taking my time with wrapping the story up and adding some things that need to be added in the middle of the story. Also editing is is on the 'To Do' list for December.

My Mood So Far

by RandoScorpio

I've somehow managed to stay very positive writing this month. I've been tired, and frustrated at points but never discouraged. Every community I've joined as a part of NaNoWriMo has been so encouraging and supportive it's been a blast.


  I'm still in awe that I made it, but I messed up when I set up my project and had to put my numbers in a different project in order to get the certificate which threw all my numbers out of whack. However, I did manage to write just over 2000 words per day, which feels amazing to be able to say.


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