November 20, 2022

Third Update - Sprinting to the end!!

Oh man. I can almsot taste victory!!! I've stayed ahead of the curve, and managed to wrangle the Plot Bunnies. I did a little dance when I got past 40k. I think I'm going to finish early, which means time for Mapvember!! (not much time but hopefully enough for the badge I gave up on a couple weeks ago). I have managed to write ~2000 words or more for 10 days out of the month and I am pumped about it. I was really feeling myself and in a good spot mentally, but I did stumble a little today.

I had a bit of a break down with the anxiety of "I have to edit this/What if no one likes it?/What if it's not good enough?" which was compounded by someone saying they really don't care that I've nearly written a novel in less than a month because it's not making money. Ouch. My cat let me snuggle her, and snot all over her while I worked through the emotion, but thanks to the fantastic NaNoWriMo communities I'm feeling like I'm back on top. It doesn't hurt that I'm heading into a part of the story where there's some comforting happening which means vicariously living through my characters.

My Mood So Far

by RandoScorpio

Sprints, write-ins, and the competitive atmosphere of Game of Tomes has been such a blessing to have this month. I'm usually up and writing at a pretty dead time of day and it's been great to be able to find someone else somewhere else who's up and getting words too. I even felt bold and confident enough to collaberate on a Filk. Overall, it's a positive experience with the communities out there, and I'll have to work on educating the people around me about how writing/profit works.

Stats on Day 20

Average Word Count
2262 Words/day

Writing Speed
15 Words/minute (this is not totally accurate, I'm horrible at keeping track of the time)

Where I Write
At home.

Projected Completion
November 24, 2022 (I think I can get it finished before this!!)
Word Count


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