November 13, 2022

Second Update!

Write ins and crawls are my jam. I've been able to be incredibly productive by tagging onto the GWIC (global write in crawl) and OHHOW! (one hundred hours of writing). I've officially made it to the halfway point in word count. In hindsight 70k was a little amitious, but I'm hopeful for more than 50k at this point. Things are picking up in the story and I'm liking the progression a lot more.

I had a few slow writing days, but I've managed to catch up and sprint ahead. I've also found time to read spicy books that make me want to write spicy stories, so that's a double edged sword. I've also managed to come up with at least three new story ideas in the process of this book. Plot Bunnies abound. My current word count on NaNo is such a great number: 25052.

My Mood So Far

by RandoScorpio

I feel like I've really picked up a groove with the writing, especially with group write ins and sprints. It's been working really well, and reporting words helps keep me accountable for progress. I'm loving the story again, and feeling like the characters are really doing their thing. I've figured out how to fix a lot of the issues with my first draft and totally diverged from the written work in it. I think that's been helping with progress because I've hit the point where I'm almost totally pantsing the story again. I know where I want to end up, and who my cast is but I don't know how the characters will get me there. I might have to take a plotting break to build up some in world organizations to make things work but I'm a solid two days ahead so I can afford to do some leg work for a couple of days.

Stats on Day 13

Average Word Count
1927 Words/day

Writing Speed
19 Words/minute

Where I Write
At home.

Projected Completion
November 26, 2022


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