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Nandone is a realm far off in the material plane. It is orbited by one moon named Blodsoe. Throughout most of its history, Nandone was ruled by the Kingdom of Enen, ruled by a council of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. Nandone consists of a single continent called Nand, a land of rugged hills, vast planes, and towering forests. The planet contains about 12 million intelligible beings, composed of 64% humans, 10% dwarves, 10% elves, 5% halflings, 5% half-elves, 3% gnomes, 2% half-orcs, and 1% others. The world has many times more that amount of monstrous beings. The denizens of Nandone live in the decaying ruins of a fallen worldwide empire, Enen. This kingdom had several large cities, as well as numerous castles scattered throughout the realms. Now, the world is made up of independent cities states and castles, all of them thinly spread throughout the world and competing with each another to survive. The denizens of Nandone are struggling to survive in this turbulent time.   Nandone is a sword and sorcery campaign setting, where the majority of people have seen magic but don't use it. The city-states all control territory around their respective cities, and numerous small villages exists that do not appear on the map. Most monsters live in the wilderness or underground, and only a few structures built by powerful evil creatures exist. The land is mostly unexplored, and most peeople go their whole lives without ever leaving their region.