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Malena Nancarow has a very ordinary life. She likes it like that - she worked hard for it. She has a steady job, a great girlfriend, and is about to seal the deal on a flat so she can move away from home. Yeah, there are things that she'd rather not talk about, like the fact she used to see things that other people couldn't see, and how her mother is largely absent and no one ever knows when she's going to turn up drunk on the doorstep. But those are very minor worries to 20-year-old Mal.   Until they're not.   When Anita goes missing, Mal is led to believe that Anita has been kidnapped. She is then reliably informed that she is the only one who can help Ani get home. With the weight of this responsibility on her shoulders, Mal is plunged into the faerie realm alone and without a great deal of help. She must navigate this new world and see if she can make allies to help her with her task. But when enemies wear kindly faces and where even the food that grows in the faerie realm can be toxic, can Mal stay safe enough to be able to help Anita? Will her newfound allies turn on her like she has been taught to believe?