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Namira is a land torn asunder by magic. The land used to be all one continent, much like this realm's Pangea. On the eastern coast you had the Dwarves. Thriving in their mountain homes and creating vast tunnel networks between their cities. In the middle of the continent the humans dwelled. Their central position gave made them rich. Not through mining or craftsmanship, but through business. It's central nature made their lands a natural market place between all the nations. On the East coast, the Elves made their Empire. Creating goods that rivalled the Dwarven craftsmen and often surpassed it in beauty and elegance. For a time this arrangement of nations thrived in harmony and drew other races to live among the main three.   However, Humans became greedy and sought to conquer the other nations. Thinking that they could become richer by owning the dwarven and elven craftsmen. The King, seeing that his nation was at a disadvantage due to its central position and fighting a war on two fronts would be near impossible, devised a plan. He assembled the best wizards he could find, in secret. He told them he was informed that the elves and dwarves were plotting against the humans and he needed a spell that would have such immense power as to act as a deterrent. These wizards concocted a series of spells that would level a city instantly. One of the inner circle, a young girl named Genna, gifted with incredible power for her age, saw that the King was lieing to the group and instead was going to use this power to rule over the other nations. At the last second, Genna, changed her part of the ritual. She meant for it to simply make the spell fizzle, instead, it changed the target of the spell to strike right through the Human Kingdom.   The aftermath was horrific. The continent had now become two. Some human settlements and cities were sunk to the bottom of the ocean. What cities, if you could call them that anymore, remained on the surface were utterly destroyed. . The elves and dwarves, clueless as to the circumstances of the disaster rushed to the aid of the humans. They found mutated monsters and survivors were few and far between. The fabric of reality in some places had been torn and portals to other dimensions were opened. It took over 100 years to seal the portals and the monsters were never fully dealt with. The kingdom is now only known as The Forsaken Realm and few people venture there.

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The Rumblings of the Raven

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

After the humans destroy their own kingdom, the elves and dwarves have to scramble to set things right.

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