Namir+ Namir

275 A.E

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All time began beneath a Tree, a great and glorious expanse from which existence itself came to be. A lone figure sat beneath, tending and shaping what will be, what has been and what can. Nila, the Norig the Gardener and 1st and mother of all creation. However in a world crafted from neutrality, an opposite would come to be, Kataka the Father of the Abyss. Together these two would spawn creation, while Nila sought to nurture, protect and guide her new children, Kataka desired the power they could possess, he wanted all and he would stop at nothing until creation, all of it would crash down into the chasm from where it started. Soon the children were born, a set of twins Yatu and Cinta who would soon overthrow their vile father and bring about a new age where life flourished as the twins would create Namir the world known, shaped and forged from the fire and ice given or taken from their parents. Soon Yatu and Cinta each would petition their mother for an equal and opposite, a partner. Yatu was given Tarpota and Cinta, Talikok and so began the age of the Gods.